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Last Update - October 31, 2010


Join us from wherever you are as we schedule and present gatherings of authors, journalists, poets, and others to discuss writing, the world, relationships, spirituality... all manner of things from the point of view of the creative person.

Each colloquium will be moderated. Our changing ensemble will be made up of invitees chosen from among your suggested panelists or from our own network.

Panelists' views may often be outside the pale of everyday attitudes. They may be deeply serious and reflective, they might not always agree. They'll sometimes be zany and might go from the sublime to the ridiculous. But they'll never, ever, be boring.

Some of us, no matter how mature, are still trying to make sense of this Life we own so fleetingly. Others of us have a solid handle on who we are, where we're going and why. Once we get rolling we hope you'll become addicted to our experts' opinions and conjectures about who, what, where, and when, and everything else, too.


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