Everyone Has A Story©...
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Write your Personal Life Story, Family History or...

In all the world, only you
can tell the story of your life and times.

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You and Your Family

Everyone has a story, whether it's a single life-changing occurrence or a collection of experiences in your own life or outstanding, funny, or unique stories about your family.

As we become caught up in the day-to-day, all too often these remarkable, or loving, or miraculous tales slip into the fabric of who we are. We relegate them to the status of memories and mostly, they never become the testimony, the lore of our lives that can be so precious to other family members and loved ones, when we share them.

Perhaps you've been preparing your genealogy tree for yourself and future generations to learn of your ancestors. But if you also preserve the family stories and organize mementos and photographs, they will be your legacy. The Everyone Has a Story© workbook will become your treasure chest of memories.

Are you planning a Family Reunion? Imagine how wonderful it could be, having the family there to celebrate and share the memories of each of them, all in one place. Your elderly aunts and uncles, your grandmother... what a garden of memories you will gather.

Writing your family's history or your own memoir may not be your only creative literary avenue. Have you had extraordinary experiences that deserve to be chronicled for others to read? Ideas for Essays, Short Stories, Poems and even Novels often appear as gifts from the memories we have garnered over a lifetime.

Using the "triggers" found in the Everyone Has a Story© workbook, you might be led to a Leprechaun's pot of gold.

How it All Began

I had been after my mother for years to write down her memories, of her parents, her schooling, her sisters and brother, her exciting engagement to my father... and the years of love, marriage, children, and the troubles, too. But she would only shrug and say that she "couldn't." I never knew why Mother used that excuse, but she was firm in her refusal.

A couple of years before her death I was able to convince her to sit down with the huge stack of old photos we had in a box, and to the best of her memory, write on the back of each picture who the people were and where and when the pictures were taken. That was all I could expect.

I'm a great grandmother now and though I remember the stories Mother told me of her early life, they were few, but those old photographs are now my family's treasure. Without my persistence in encouraging Mother to label them, we all would have lost so much.

Somewhere you may have a collection of family photographs such as the ones you see above. Each one could be the basis of a story, real or imagined.


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